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Watch a Nissan Skyline vs. Mobility Scooter in ¼ Mile Drag

Posted by Briggs Nissan on Jul 19, 2013 4:41:30 PM

Nissan Skyline vs. Mobility Scooter

Not everything we do is serious here at Briggs Nissan; everyone has to have some fun at some point, right? We doubt we’re having as much fun as the guys over at Garage Insanity though. They recently uploaded a video to their YouTube Channel involving a drag race pitting Nissan Skyline vs. Mobility Scooter and you’ll be shocked by the results. Here’s where you will want to skip below for the video before reading further before reading the details below.

The Nissan Skyline vs. Mobility Scooter should be a pretty straight forward win for the Skyline, but you guessed it, the mobility scooter is no ordinary scooter and why would it be coming from Garage Insanity. So what kind of mobility scooter would you build for a brag race with a Nissan Skyline vs. Mobility Scooter? A fast one is the short answer.

Richard Underwood, John McNeil, and Dale Glover of Garage Insanity specially built this specific mobility scooter which incorporates some outstanding performance of its own. Power comes by way of a 600cc Suzuki GSX-600F motorcycle and the GI team figures its good for close to 160MPH if they could find a long enough track (yet). As it sits the Nissan Skyline vs. Mobility Scooter video shows just how potent this scooter is; it’s been over the 1/4 –mile point at 102.2 MPH and boasts a 0-60 time right around 3-seconds; that’s 2013 Nissan GT-R quick!

At Briggs Nissan we love Nissan sports cars and although the Nissan Skyline vs. Mobility Scooter ¼-mile drag didn’t favor the Skyline in this instance we’ll hold our tears; probably because we barely got off the floor from laughing to write this blog. It’s sure is entertaining to see a Nissan Skyline vs. Mobility Scooter. If you’re looking for a new Nissan sports car or even a used Nissan sports car we can help you out at Briggs Nissan. Just shop our inventory now for the model that’s right for you then schedule a test drive. We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog and the video as much as we did; sorry Skyline fans.

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